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Accessibility Policy at Continuum

Continuum is committed to making our services accessible to the community.  We will work to find solutions for our customers who have disabilities. Continuum can provide solutions for talking guides and navigation devices.

Hearing/Speech Solutions

  • Continuum services are compatible with TTY equipment.
  • Continuum services passes through 711 calls based on the customer’s geographic location and telephone number.
  • Continuum will provide onsite technical support for hearing impaired customers to set up TTY equipment and Closed Captioning at no cost to the subscriber.

Vision Solutions

  • Continuum offers Large Button Remotes.
  • Continuum will provide at no cost, the calling feature for Automatic Recall which allows the subscriber to return the most recent incoming call, or to hear the last incoming caller’s number and then optionally return the call.
  • Subscribers may qualify for discounted local Directory Assistance (411).
  • Continuum can provide alternatives for billing, Welcome Kits and Channel Line Ups.
  • When paying a bill by phone, our Customer Care Representatives will read you your bill and answer any questions.

For further information, please contact:

Continuum Customer Care Manager

Office: 704-660-3840

Fax: 704-663-5470