Make This the Ultimate Summer! Click here to find out how.

Make This the Ultimate Summer!

We’re all about making the most of these southern summers. Our FREE Summer Movies for video customers is proof! But for the best summer ever, you can’t do better than treating yourself to up to 500Mbps of blistering fast downloads and seamless summer streaming. It’s Ultimate Broadband, and it’s available now!

If you want up to 500Mbps X 20Mbps Internet, click on the chat icon below to speak to one of our customer support folks about Ultimate Broadband.  Or, call 704-660-3840.

Remember – Internet speeds depend on many factors and may vary.  Take all the right steps to make sure you get the best online experience possible. Steps such as: rebooting your modem regularly, closing applications not in use, scanning for viruses and using a strong password.