Continuum Office Closing Notice

The Internet Just Got Ultimate!

Yep, Ultimate. That means downloading content at up to a half a Gigabyte per SECOND.  And, if you’ve got multiple devices on your home’s Wi-Fi network (Mom, Dad, kids, are you listening?), then EVERYONE will benefit from Ultimate speed.  Goodbye buffering.  Welcome to the “Ultimate” digital life.

If you want up to 500Mbps X 20Mbps Internet, click on the chat icon below to speak to one of our customer support folks about Ultimate Broadband.  Or, call 704-660-3840.

Remember – Internet speeds depend on many factors and may vary.  Take all the right steps to make sure you get the best online experience possible. Steps such as: rebooting your modem regularly, closing applications not in use, scanning for viruses and using a strong password.