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Channel Positions Have Changed for Some Video Customers

Heads up, neighbor. We upgraded some old analog signals that may have impacted some of our video customers. Check the three scenarios below to see if you were affected.

Scenario #1: 

If you have a Continuum set-top box or device connected to your TV, nothing changed. You are good-to-go.

Scenario #2:

If you have a newer TV, without a set-top box or device, you can view the channels at their new home with a simple re-scan. Below are the new locations for these seven channels:

Animal Planet (7.6), Bravo (7.5), CMT (7.1), Fox Sports Southeast (19.1), Syfy (7.4), TLC (7.3) and Travel Channel (7.2)

Scenario #3:

But, if your TV is a little older without a tuner, and you don’t have a set-top box or device, give us a call. You will need a DTA (Digital Television Adapter) to continue viewing these seven channels. We have them available free of charge for the first year.  Please call 704-660-3840 today to find out more.