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‘Tis the Season

We appreciate your business so much we want to thank you this holiday season by increasing your broadband Internet speed at no additional monthly charge.  Check out the new residential speeds below that became effective November 30.

High Speed was 25 X 5 (now double the speed at up to 50 X 5)
Accelerated was 50 X 5 (now double the speed at up to 100 X 10)
Super Speed was 75 X 5 (now double the speed at up to 150 X 10)
Hyper Speed was 100 X 10 (now double the speed at up to 200 X 10)
Warp Speed was 200 X 20 (now up to 300 X 20, a 50% increase)

Plus, we added a brand new, even faster speed called Ultimate Broadband. It’s an incredible speed of up to 500 X 20.  If you’d like the ultimate Internet experience give us a call today and ask for Ultimate Broadband!

A simple modem reboot may be required. Internet speeds depend on many factors and may vary. MDU (bulk) customers may not be affected. Our fiber customers remain at the same incredible speeds of up to one GIG!